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Water Soluble Fertilizer

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As the name indicate a water-soluble fertilizer is a fertilizer that is 100% soluble in water. These types of fertilizers are applied and used with the support of foliar spray & fertigation techniques. For the unaware, let's define the fertigation method of spraying fertilizers on crops. It is a scientifically designed method of fertilizer application wherein fertilizers supplied by quality water soluble fertilizer suppliers are dissolved in the water meant for irrigation by the drip system. The nutrients applied are readily absorbed and used by the plant system. There’s hardly any wastage through evaporation.

How often should you apply water-soluble fertilizer? For the unaware, this is an important question. Furthermore, these days a trend has emerged, many urban educated professionals are entering into farming, and such questions strike in their minds. According to experts, water-soluble fertilizers can be applied every two weeks during the growing season

One of the biggest advantages of this system is that the fertilizer solution is distributed evenly in irrigation. Since the availability of nutrients is very high, farmers get an increased crop.

A wide range of premium quality Water Soluble Fertilizers by Agri India are known for efficiency, leading to high yields for farmers. That’s the ultimate goal of every farmer.