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Bio-POTASH is a carrier-based granular bio fertilizer which contains highly efficient bacterial species of Bio potash with the count of 5x10 7cfu / gm as per FCO norms. Potassium is also an important macronutrient as Nitrogen and Phosphorus for the complete growth of plants. Potassium can be easily available to plants through the process of mineralization by Bio-POTASH.

Proportion to use:

Use 50 kg to 100kg in 1 Acre land, depending on the crop (and requirement)


  • Significant enhancement of seed seedling vigour, plant growth, yield, and K uptake by plants.
  • Adequate quantities of potassium also help the plant
  • Develops resistance in plants against diseases and environmental stress conditions.
  • Mineralized form of potassium plays a key role in the formation of sugars which helps in attaining quality yields.
  • Improves the pigmentation and shelf life of farm produce.


50 KG