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Organic Fertilizer

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Before we highlight the significance and advantages of organic fertilizers, it makes sense to understand organic fertilizers. What are organic fertilizer products? In simple language, organic fertilizer is a fertilizer that is processed and manufactured from a wide range of organic sources, including, organic compost, cattle manures, plant waste, animal waste, poultry droppings, and domestic sewages among others. They are also known as natural fertilizer products.

Our quality-driven range of Organic Fertilizers consists of

The organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter which helps in the nurturing of microbes. Since organic fertilizer consists of carbon and other nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that feed and nurture microbes, enables them to supply and make nutrients available for the proper growth of plants.

How organic fertilizer products are environmentally friendly? Synthetic and chemical fertilizers harm our environment, marine life, rivers, etc., and lead to various diseases. On the contrary, organic fertilizers are environmentally friendly as a result organic farming fertilizers support sustainable development.

The use of organic fertilizer reduces the need for pesticides and the overall nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium requirements. As a result, these are cost-effective.

Our premium range of organic fertilizers is manufactured by scientifically designed organic fertilizer products. Therefore, these help the farming community to get an increased yield without causing any harm to the environment.