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Agri India Fertichem is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fertilizers with a modern manufacturing facility in Surat, Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

Driven by a passion to help farmers, we began our humble journey in the year 2020. Backed by expertise in fertilizers manufacturing and quality, within a short period of time, we have established ourselves as the best agriculture product company in India.

Our premium quality range of farming fertilizers products are providing scientific and practical solutions to the needs of modern agriculture. These include Biofertilizers, Organic fertilizers, Secondary Nutrients, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers, etc.
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Our features

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Quality Product
Our quality-driven products are manufactured by combining the best quality raw material with the latest technology.

Quality Management
We have a comprehensive Quality Management System that monitors, implements, and reviews “Quality Policy”.

Our Values
Our meticulously designed “Core Values” constantly guide both employees and the company in achieving our mutual goals.

Dynamic Team
The dynamic team onboard is committed to ensuring quality, innovation, and research, helping us to meet the needs of clients.

Our Products

BIO NPK is substitute of Any Other Chemical Fertilizer.
  1. Using granulated fertilizer, the crop is getting full nutrition ingredients.
  2. Crop is fully grown and production increases.
  3. Increases the production of crops.
  4. Cost is less then chemical fertilizer and production is high.
  5. Crops become healthy.
  6. Increase soil fertility and yield.
PHOSPHATE STABILIZING BACTERIA is substitute of Any Other Chemical Fertilizer.
  1. Contains phosphate stabilization bacteria that targets the unavailable phosphate in the soil, making it available.
  2. Rapidly builds new cells in plants that facilitates cell division.
  3. It activates phosphate, which increases the level of amino acids and helps in protein formation.
  4. Increases the crop’s growth, health, fruit size, and weight, leading to hefty production growth by 15 to 20 per cent.
  5. No need to use any other fertilizer.
ZINC SOLUBLIZING BIO is substitute of Any Other Chemical Fertilizer.
  1. Phoschem (Biological Fertilizer) contains nutrients such as zinc copper, ferrous calcium, manganese, boron, sulphur and other essential for plants like humic acid, amino acid to take care of each requirement of the crop at different stages.
  2. Contains microorganisms that convert non-useful zinc into simpler organelles.
  3. It makes available zinc in the soil, absorbable for the plants. Eliminating zinc deficiency in them.
  4. Helps in increasing the action of photosynthesis as well as the branch formation process in a plant.
  5. Improves soil’s physical constitution by increasing the microorganisms in it.
  6. In addition to the significant growth of plants during irrigation, it helps in the growth and ripening of the fruit by providing them with the necessary enzymes.
  7. Provides protection against fungal disease from the soil.
  8. Increases the crop’s growth, health, fruit size, and weight, leading to hefty production growth by 15 to 20%.


ISO Certification For Management
These certificates reflect our commitment to quality. Our dedicated team works in harmony to deliver a brilliant customer experience.
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About US

The range of best agriculture products by our company is the result of continued focus on research and development. As a result, farmers get an increased harvest.

Our corporate tagline, जीतेगा हर किसान एग्री इंडिया के साथ shows our commitment to farmers. With our expertise in agricultural products in India, we are like a friend to farmers, helping them in the cultivation of crops, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Hundreds of farmers across India are benefitting from our quality-driven agricultural product. Their continued support motivates us to stay on the course and keep offering fertilizers with the potential to change the fortune of farmers. Together we can help India become a world leader in Food.
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