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Bio Fertilizer

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What are biofertilizers? Bio is derived from the Greek word bios which means life. Therefore, biofertilizers are living organisms that increase the nutrient quality of the soil. In simple language, bio fertilizers are the substance that contains microorganisms' living or latent cells. These increase the nutrients of host plants when applied to their seeds, plant surface, or soil by colonizing the rhizosphere of the plant. Over the years the use of biofertilizer products has increased, given the benefits of the product.

Our quality-driven range of Biofertilizers consists of Bio NPK, Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria, Zinc Solubilizing Bio Fertilizer, and Bio Potash.

Why use biofertilizer products? For years farmers have been using chemical fertilizers to increase the yield of their crops. However, it has been proved in the research that overuse of chemical fertilizers over a period of time causes air and water pollution. At the same time reduces the presence of minerals in the soil. As a result, bio fertilizers’ use is assuming significance.

Considering the benefits and advantages of bio-organic fertilizer, people globally, including in India are preferring farming products cultivated by using biofertilizers in India. That’s why farmers are switching towards the use of biofertilizers. Furthermore, biofertilizers are cost-effective as compared to traditional chemical fertilizers. Our range of biofertilizers is recognized for authenticity, efficiency, and affordability.