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(Zinc Solubilizing Biofertilizers with all plant nutrients)

Proportion to use:

Use 50-70kg in 1 Acre land, before sowing or after sowing, can be used for every crop.


  • Phoschem (Biological Fertilizer) contains nutrients such as zinc copper, ferrous calcium, manganese, boron, sulphur and other essential for plants like humic acid, amino acid to take care of each requirement of the crop at different stages.
  • Contains microorganisms that convert non-useful zinc into simpler organelles.
  • It makes available zinc in the soil, absorbable for the plants. Eliminating zinc deficiency in them.
  • Helps in increasing the action of photosynthesis as well as the branch formation process in a plant.
  • Improves soil’s physical constitution by increasing the microorganisms in it.
  • In addition to the significant growth of plants during irrigation, it helps in the growth and ripening of the fruit by providing them with the necessary enzymes.
  • Provides protection against fungal disease from the soil.
  • Increases the crop’s growth, health, fruit size, and weight, leading to hefty production growth by 15 to 20%.